• A Harvest Experince With Casa Petrini’s Winemaker, Ariel Angelini

    A Harvest Experince With Casa Petrini’s Winemaker, Ariel Angelini

    As you might know, Harvest season in wine country is a combination of pure excitement and organized chaos. There is not much time for anything, but to make sure that the grapes are being picked at their prime and that they make it unharmed to the winery as soon as possible. We love the energy in wine country during this time of the year, but as you can imagine it’s a hard time to catch up with the winemakers and the winery owners. Fortunately, for us we had an amazing surprise when Ariel Angelini, Casa Petrini’s Winemaker, decided to guide us through a tasting of their just harvested Chardonnay.

    Angelini, with his contagious dynamic personality, thoroughly explained to us how the volcanic influence of the terroir in their vineyard alongside the alluvial nature of the soil in the Uco Valley make the wines of Casa Petrini so unique. During our time in the Uco Valley it was interesting to see the diversity of the terroir in the valley and how it greatly impacts the flavor profile of the wines of the region. 

    While visiting with Ariel, we tasted the just harvested Chardonnay alongside the one picked the day prior. It was a really fun experience to see how the flavors and aromas of the juice changed in one day. It was also great smelling and tasting the freshness of the grape. We were surprised about the herbal notes on the nose, almost like fresh cut grass. On the palate we expected it to be very sweet but the juice was already showing a really nice crispness and balance to it. Without a doubt this opportunity gave us a whole new appreciation for Chardonnay and it certainly sparked in us a new excitement for the grape and it’s wines.

    Obviously, after this incredible experience, the day would not have been complete without a glass of wine, so we decided to close it out by enjoying a glass of Chardonnay while taking in the breathtaking views surrounding Casa Petrini.

    Thank you Ariel for an awesome time! 🥂