• Milsetentayseis Making Unique High-Altitude Old Vine Wines

    Milsetentayseis Making Unique High-Altitude Old Vine Wines
    In the town of Fuentenebro, Spain, which is home to approximately 150 people, Bodega Milsetentayseis has set roots and is focused on crafting unique wines from high-altitude old vines. Milsetentayseis translates into “One Thousand Seventy Six”, and is one of the newest projects of Alma Carraovejas. The name was inspired by the elevation of one of their most storied vineyards, which is 1,076 meters above sea level. Known for its mining tradition, Fuentenebro is famous for its diverse soil comprised of clay, sand, quartz, mica and feldspar. This mineral-rich soil is one of the key reasons why Milsetentayseis wines are so unique.
    While they design and build their winery in Fuentenebro, winemaker Javier Rivero Pérez and his team are producing their wines in an impeccably curated warehouse in Aranda de Duero. The attention to detail in this temporary space is a testament that the team at Milsetentayseis is cutting no corners when crafting their wines. This attention to detail combined with their centenary head-pruned vines, the distinctive terroir of the region and the high elevation the grapes are grown in, is a recipe for producing fresh and elegant wines that highlight the bold and delicious flavor profiles of their fruit.
    One of our favorite vineyards of their project is called La Peña (The Rock) and is located at the base of an old mine. Approximately only .46 hectares in size, this vineyard produces one of the most interesting and delicious Rosés we have had the opportunity to enjoy. This old vine vineyard is comprised of 10 different grapes (Bobal, Garnacha, Viura, Alarije, Pardillo, Salvador, Garnacha Tintorera, Clairette Blanche and Tinto Fino) all contributing to the blend of the wine. During our visit, we also had the opportunity to taste their 2020 Tinto and the yet-to-be-released 2021 Tinto. Both wines drank beautifully and tasting them side by side helped us appreciate how the extreme climate 1,000 meters above sea level impacted each vintage.
    As warm weather continues to impact vineyards around the world, it is no surprise that wineries are looking for new sites that give their vines optimal growing conditions. In the rich red soils of Fuentenebro and the high altitudes of the region Bodega Milsetentayseis has found a safe haven to grow Ribera del Duero wines that will stand the test of time.