• In a Region of Tradition, Bourgoin Cognac is Looking to Innovate

    In a Region of Tradition, Bourgoin Cognac is Looking to Innovate

    In a region where tradition rules, the fourth generation Master Blender of Bourgoin Cognac, Frédéric Bourgoin, is looking for ways to innovate while maintaining the integrity of the spirit of Cognac. The Bourgoin family has been farming grapes and making eau-de-vie for other cognac houses for generations, but in 2015 the energetic and forward thinking Frédéric took the brave step to begin bottling their own cognac. 

    At Bourgoin Cognac they do it all. From farming to bottling, it is all done in house and they do it with great pride. Focused on terroir driven cognacs, The House of Bourgoin does not blend its cognacs, add coloring, sugar or other additives to their product. They do however disclose everything that is related to their cognac on their labels. From the composition of the terroir that the grapes are grown in to the way it is distilled, it's all on the label.

    Disco lights in the cellar, miniature barriques, full disclosure labels, barrels decorated with hand written notes from visitors are all things that make it clear that Bourgoin Cognac is forging its own path. It was evident when exploring the Estate with Frédéric that he and his family are fully committed to making great cognac, but not at the expense of sacrificing quality, fun, family and friends. 

    For our return we made sure to have space in our bag for one of their MICROBARRIQUE bottles and are enjoying keeping warm during these winter months sipping some Bourgoin. Frédéric is also making a really nice Pineau, which is a fortified wine from the Cognac region similar to Port. 

    Look for this small family run Cognac House, with its alluring bottles and limited production, to make some big noise for years to come. You can find their cognac all over the world, so if you are looking for something special, we suggest you track down some Bourgoin Cognac.