• A Heavenly Wine and Ham Experience Awaits You at Casa Lola

    A Heavenly Wine and Ham Experience Awaits You at Casa Lola

    In the province of Valladolid, which interestingly was the capital of Spain between the years of 1,601 and 1,606, you can experience the village of Rueda. With a population of approximately 1,300 people, this village and region are known for its famous Verdejo white wines. 

    It was our curiosity for the wines of one of these Verdejo producers, Botón de Gallo, that prompted our excursion to the region. The brand is the vision of Bruno De la Hoz, who is focused on making honest wines from his family vineyard. Among his wines you can find his elegant and fresh, Botón de Gallo Verdejo Especial. Made from vineyards 25 years old, from the notorious area of “La Seca”, this is a great wine for the hot summer days ahead. Bruno is also producing a very hard to find (only 58 cases produced) Verdejo with Oxidative Aging under his Clon de Gallo label that we absolutely loved. This interesting take on Verdejo showcases a wine with nutty notes, similar to those found in sherry, with a clean and fresh finish. Between the Botón de Gallo and Clon de Gallo labels Bruno is producing 5 wines, all of them distinctively different and worth trying.

    To our delight, during our visit to Rueda, we were able to enjoy Bruno’s wines at Casa Lola. Founded in 1990 by Bruno’s family, with the mission of selling wines and gourmet foods, Casa Lola has become a fixture in Rueda. With its wine shop, restaurant, ham cellar and wine cellar this is one the most interesting wine establishments that we have had the opportunity to enjoy.

    If Rueda is not in your wine destinations travel list, perhaps a ham and wine pairing experience at Casa Lola might entice you to make the journey.