• Cecilia Enriquez Walks the Walk and Makes Her Dream Come True With Enriquez Estate Wines

    Cecilia Enriquez Walks the Walk and Makes Her Dream Come True With Enriquez Estate Wines

    Most wine lovers, including us, love to talk about the dream of one day leaving everything behind and moving to wine country. Sometimes the dream is to own a winery, sometimes it is to own a vineyard and other times it’s just to simply enjoy the life style and beauty of wine country. Most of us often like to talk the talk but rarely do we decide to walk the walk. Cecilia Enriquez, who just turned 32 this month, is one of the brave ones that committed to walking the walk and is now the owner and president of Enriquez Estate Wines. 

    Cecilia’s dream began on a family trip gone wrong. Originally scheduled to go skiing in Lake Tahoe, the lack of snow inspired the Enriquez Family to instead head on a road trip to San Francisco. Along the way they decided to stop in wine country and the dream of Enriquez Estate Wines was born. Enriquez Estate was founded in 2011 in Petaluma, California when Cecilia moved to the newly purchased 30 acre property and began to live her dream. 

    Not being part of a wine family, the wine industry or wine educated, brave Cecilia has had to immerse herself in a real life crash course of everything wine. So far so good! Since launching Enriquez Estate Wines she has sold the Petaluma property and purchased a beautiful piece of land in the Russian River Valley which now serves as both her home and the home of Enriquez Estate.

    When it comes to the wines her focus has mostly been in crafting small lots of Pinot Noir and Tempranillo. As a matter of fact their whole production doesn’t even reach 1,000 cases.

    In one of the most amazing settings for a tasting we were captivated by their 2013 Reserva Tempranillo. Only 100 cases of it were produced and it was balanced from beginning to end with some nice fruit throughout. 

    If you believe in people that follow their dreams, enjoy Pinot Noir and Tempranillo and love to support family wineries, checkout Enriquez Estate, we truly believe that Cecilia and her team will appreciate it. It’s certainly an exciting time in their winemaking history and we are thrilled to have found them.