• A Trip Back in Time at Courvoisier, The House of Napoleon’s Cognac

    A Trip Back in Time at Courvoisier, The House of Napoleon’s Cognac

    Known by many as The House of Napoleon’s Cognac, Courvoisier, to this day continues to serve as a steward of the relationship between France’s greatest general and the great spirit of Cognac. Although there is no direct proof that Napoleon himself drank cognac, it is known that he chose cognac to reward his troops for their bravery and loyalty.

    Founded in Paris in 1809 by Emmanuel Courvoisier and Louis Gallois, The House of Courvoisier is presently one of the the most important cognac houses and is responsible for approximately 10% of cognac sales worldwide. In 1828 Felix Courvoisier and Jules Gallois, the sons of the founders, moved the company to the town of Jarnac which is located in the Cognac AOC. To date, their beautiful Château sits on the banks of the Charente River, which in the early days gave Courvoisier a strategic shipping advantage and helped them become one of the most available and prestigious cognacs around the world.

    Entrenched in history and tradition, Courvoisier also keeps in vogue and has done a masterful job of blending its rich history with the demands of the new generation of cognac consumers. From their cognac being requested for the grand opening of the Eiffel Tower, becoming the first cognac on a TV commercial, to being the drink of choice on an array of popular modern day songs, The House of Courvoisier certainly knows how to stay hip.

    Exploring their historic Château and cellars was a magnificent trip back in time and tasting their cognacs was a sensory treat of aromas and flavors. Visiting the Napoleon Cellar and enjoying their Napoleon Cognac in the Napoleon Room were certainly highs of the visit but without a doubt the highlight was savoring the beautiful L'Essence de Courvoisier in their intimate Paradis Cellar. 

    If you are looking for an experience which makes you feel like you are reliving history while tasting one of the most magnificent spirits in the world a visit to Château de Courvoisier is a must.