• Friends, Food and Wine - A Dream Day at Bodega Vinorum

    Friends, Food and Wine - A Dream Day at Bodega Vinorum

    Do you love cooking and wine? Are you not good at cooking but love wine? Either way a cooking class at Bodega Vinorum is a must do if you are visiting Mendoza. The class takes place at the winery owner’s home on a spectacular wrap around terrace overlooking the vineyards and the Andes Mountains.

    Guided by Chef Lucas and Chef Javier we had the opportunity to learn some new kitchen tricks while helping prepare an authentic Argentinian Asado. From baking bread and making empanadas, to grilling vegetables and meat, we got to experience it all. I have to admit that we are not big cooks but this experience is one that we hope to enjoy again.

    During our visit we got to try three of their Malbecs and all of them were delicious. Their Go Malbec label is an easy drinking Malbec for every occasion and both their Reserva and Gran Reserva highlighted beautiful bright fruit and drank smoothly. Both of them showed some really nice balance and structure. We also enjoyed their sparkling which was our favorite sparkling of the trip. It was fresh, crisp and dangerously delish.

    Our time at Bodega Vinorum was more than just a cooking class. It was a time for us to walk the vineyards and their beautiful grounds. A time to enjoy a glass of wine while contemplating the majestic Andes. But most importantly it was a time to share stories and great laughter with our friends of Uncorking Argentina during one of the most amazing dining experiences we have had. This day was a great reminder of why we are so passionate about exploring the world of wine and learning more about the wonderful people behind it.


    Salud to Friends, Food and Wine! 🍷