• All About Family & Terroir at Cassone

    All About Family & Terroir at Cassone

    The tone for our amazing Argentina adventure was set when we visited our first winery, Bodega Familia Cassone, and had a tasting experience with winemaker and owner Federico Cassone that we will remember forever.

    During our time with Federico, we had the opportunity to walk their vineyards, and as we learned more about the winery we realized that the commitment to family traditions and to terroir are the pillars of Familia Cassone’s success. Drawing from family history that dates back to the end of the 19th century and from vines as old as 107 years, Familia Cassone is making wines that highlight the diversity of the terroir in Mendoza and the bright fruit that grows in the area. Federico without a doubt is taking advantage of their historic vines, the diversity in terroir and the vast amount of sunshine they experience to make wines of great character with unique personalities.

    The only bottle of Torrontés that we brought back from the trip was from Familia Cassone so hopefully that gives you an idea of the uniqueness of the wines that they are making. We also brought back a bottle of their delicious Obra Prima, Malbec Gran Reserva which was one of our favorite wines of the trip.

    If you are visiting Mendoza, we suggest that you visit Bodega Familia Cassone. You know that we will be visiting them again next time we are in Argentina! 🍷