• Immerse Yourself in the Martell Experience & Awake Your Senses

    Immerse Yourself in the Martell Experience & Awake Your Senses

    Martell, the oldest of the four major cognac houses, is a crossroad of tradition and innovation. Founded in 1715, The House of Martell is responsible for producing approximately 15% of the world’s cognac. Located in the town of Cognac, Martell is at the forefront of innovation as you are able to witness when exploring their grounds.

    When you immerse yourself in the Martell experience, you are transported into a digital wonderland which makes you feel like you are flying your way through Cognac. Their colorful visuals combined with their historic traditions keep you wondering what's next throughout your whole visit.

    The vision of Jean Martell when he founded Maison Martell, was to produce the finest cognacs using fruit from Borderies, the smallest of the 6 Cognac Crus and the one possessing the oldest soil which dates back to the Jurassic era. The cognacs from this region are known for their violet aromas and for their round and smooth finish, something that has helped Martell become one of the most recognized cognac producers.

    An example of their innovative ways is the creation of Blue Swift, a spirit made of VSOP finished in Kentucky bourbon barrels. Launched in 2017 it is inspired by the ties the House of Martell has with the United States. One of our favorites during our visit was their Cordon Bleu which was launched in 1912 and was the first extra old cognac to have its own name.

    When you visit Martell be prepared for your senses to be awakened. With over 300 years of tradition, there is no doubt that The House of Martell with its commitment to innovation is making sure that their ways are carried on for generations to come.