• Rum Diary

    Rum Diary

    Inspired by our recent trip to Puerto Rico, we thought that we would share with you some of our favorite rums from around the world. For those not familiar with rum, it is a distilled spirit made from sugarcane byproducts, such as molasses or sugarcane juice. Just like wine, rum is shaped by things like terroir, aging method and by the quality of the raw material being used to craft it. Rum comes in different colors and styles with the most common ones being white, gold, dark and spiced.

    We mostly drink gold and dark rums, unless we are enjoying a Cuba Libre, a Mojito or any other mix drink, in which case we like to use Don Q Cristal (white rum). Don Q is considered the official rum of Puerto Rico by the people of the island and is one of our favorite producers. When it comes to aged rums (gold and dark), we like to enjoy them on the rocks or with a splash of coconut water. Our favorites in alphabetical order are:

    * Barrilito Tres Estrellas - Puerto Rico

    * Don Q Gran Añejo - Puerto Rico

    * Havana Club Añejo - Cuba

    * Pampero Aniversario Añejo - Venezuela

    * Pyrat XO Reserve - Guyana

    * Zacapa Centenario XO - Guatemala

    We have tasted many other really good ones, but these are our go-to choices. We hope you get the opportunity to try some of them and we look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions. Salud! 🥃