• Vignoles a Grape to Help You Find Your Happy Place

    Vignoles a Grape to Help You Find Your Happy Place

    Looking for that summer wine to cool you down during these hot sunny days? Have you heard of Vignoles? While traveling through the Midwest of the United States we came across this under the radar grape and have become big fans of it. 

    Vignoles is a white hybrid grape mostly found in the Midwest and in New York’s Fínger Lakes. Believed to have been developed by J.F. Ravat in 1930 it was thought to be a cross between Seibel 6905 and a clone of Pinot Noir but in 2008 genetic testing revealed that it does not match the genetic characteristics of either Seibel 6905 or Pinot Noir. Thought to have been named Ravat 51 when it was developed and imported into the United States, this mysterious grape with an unknown parentage became known as Vignoles in 1970 when the Finger Lakes Wine Growers Association gave its present name.

    The flavor profiles of Vignoles are just as juicy as it’s history. Often showcasing notes of pineapple, peaches, citrus and honey this grape produces exciting wines all the way from dry to sweet including some delicious ice wines.

    This summer give this thick skin grape a try to help you find your happy place and get you through the summer heat.